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Servox digital XL

New - Servox digital XL has two buttons and provides 2 tones for inflection and/or 2 volume settings.  Pitches are set using the buttons and small internal dip switches.  ( this digital unit must be opened to set or change pitch settiings )   External rocker switch sets or changes volume settings as needed.

Looks very similar to the original Servox digital unit, but has some changes.

The Servox digital XL runs on 4 AAA batteries. ( standard or rechargeable ).  The batteries are installed in a cartridge that is inserted into the unit.   Battery cartridge must be removed from the unit in order to charge or replace the batteries.


Material:       Blue plastic assembly in titanium sleeve
Weight:        5.3 oz
Dimensions    5.0" long, 1.3" diameter
Manufactured by:   Servona
Made in Germany


60150    $ 795.00      Servox digital XL   - Complete

                                            includes:  instrument w/ standard sound head,
                                                            2 battery cartridge holders, 8 rechargeable AAA batteries,
                                                            1 soft sound head, holster carrier
                                                            2 oral adapters (1 hard, 1 soft), variety of tubes

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