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Nu-Vois I
Designed for very simple operation "Just push the button and talk"

60091    Nu-Vois I  -  with 1 9V battery, safety cord and pitch screwdriver
60090    Nu-Vois I Complete  -  with 2 rechargable 9V batteries, battery charger
                                                      safety cord, oral adapter and pitch screwdriver

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Nu-Vois III -Digital   
Has the advantage of both dual tone inflection and easy external setting. The two control buttons are each independently adjustable for volume and/or pitch.

60094 - Nu-Vois III      -       with 1 9V battery and safety cord 
60092 - Nu-Vois II  Complete kit   -  with 2 rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries,
                                                                      charger, safety cord  and oral adapter

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A less expensive version of the Nu-Vois I - ideal for use as a back-up or spare unit.

60093     Xtra-Vois    -       with 1 9V alkaline battery, pitch screwdriver and safety cord
60095     Xtra-Vois Complete kit   -    with 2 rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries, charger,
                                                           pitch screwdriver and safety cord

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The COOPER-RAND has been discontinued
The "old and still gold" standard intra-oral instrument. Proven durability - many C-Rs over 20 years old are still in service. Unique two-piece design, so that only the 1 oz. Tone Generator (TG) is hand-held. Uses two 9V. alkaline batteries which last 4 - 6 weeks instead of changing or recharging daily

60010      Cooper Rand, complete

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Servox digital XL
Two buttons provide 2 tones for inflection and/or 2 volume settings.  Uses 4 AAA batteries

60150    Servox digital Complete   with 8 AAA batteries, 2 battery holdcartridges, battery charger with
                                                            international adapters,  2 sound heads, 2 oral  adapters, and holster carrier

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TruTone Plus
This innovative design provides on/off and intonation in a single pressure sensitive button. Increasing and decreasing pressure moves the sound through the selected range of pitch instead of allowing just 1 or 2 inflection tones.

We no longer carry this item

Please Contact Atos Medical in Wisconsin

60160    TruTone Plus  -   Complete Kit     with 1 rechargeable 9V NiMH battery,
                                                                           USB, charging cable and wall plug,
                                                                           oral adapter and safety cord


SolaTone Plus 
A basic artificial larynx with one button operation. Good sound quality and volume range at a very reasonable price.
External volume and pitch wheels.  Has no pitch adjustment for inflextion while talking.  An economical primary istrument
for someone who does not care about inflection.

We no longer carry this item

Please Contact Atos Medical in Wisconsin

60170 - SolaTone Plus - Complete Kit - with 2 rechargeable AA batteries,
                                                                   USB charger cable and wall plug,
                                                                   safety cord and oral adapter.

Servox -Digital 
Two buttons and rocker dial provide versatile control of both pitch and volume. Programmable with internal switches. Uses a rechargeable 7.2V NiMH battery.

Discontinued   -   No Longer Available

60116 - Servox  - Digital  -
60115 - Servox  - Digital   Complete kit 

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Servox -Inton - The pitch on the buttons is set with a small screwdriver, which is included. The volume is controlled by a wheel that turns. The INTON will have the new charger with overcharge protection.

Discontinued   -   No Longer available

60131    Servox  Inton         instrument and safety cord only, no battery
60130    Servox  Inton  Complete kit    with charger, 2 rechargeable batteries,
                                                             safety cord, oral adapter, holster

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