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Nu-Vois I
Designed for very simple operation "Just push the button and talk"

60091    Nu-Vois I  -  with 1 9V battery, safety cord and pitch screwdriver
60090    Nu-Vois I Complete  -  with 2 rechargable 9V batteries, battery charger
                                                      safety cord, oral adapter and pitch screwdriver

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Nu-Vois III -Digital   
Has the advantage of both dual tone inflection and easy external setting. The two control buttons are each independently adjustable for volume and/or pitch.

60094 - Nu-Vois III      -       with 1 9V battery and safety cord 
60092 - Nu-Vois II  Complete kit   -  with 2 rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries,
                                                                      charger, safety cord  and oral adapter

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A less expensive version of the Nu-Vois I - ideal for use as a back-up or spare unit.

60093     Xtra-Vois    -       with 1 9V alkaline battery, pitch screwdriver and safety cord
60095     Xtra-Vois Complete kit   -    with 2 rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries, charger,
                                                           pitch screwdriver and safety cord

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The COOPER-RAND has been discontinued
The "old and still gold" standard intra-oral instrument. Proven durability - many C-Rs over 20 years old are still in service. Unique two-piece design, so that only the 1 oz. Tone Generator (TG) is hand-held. Uses two 9V. alkaline batteries which last 4 - 6 weeks instead of changing or recharging daily

60010      Cooper Rand, complete

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TruTone Plus
This innovative design provides on/off and intonation in a single pressure sensitive button. Increasing and decreasing pressure moves the sound through the selected range of pitch instead of allowing just 1 or 2 inflection tones.

60160    TruTone Plus  -   Complete Kit     with 1 rechargeable 9V NiMH battery,
                                                                           USB, charging cable and wall plug,
                                                                           oral adapter and safety cord


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SolaTone Plus 
A basic artificial larynx with one button operation. Good sound quality and volume range at a very reasonable price.
External volume and pitch wheels.  Has no pitch adjustment for inflextion while talking.  An economical primary istrument
for someone who does not care about inflection.

60170 - SolaTone Plus - Complete Kit - with 2 rechargeable AA batteries,
                                                                   USB charger cable and wall plug,
                                                                   safety cord and oral adapter.

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Servox digital XL
Two buttons provide 2 tones for inflection and/or 2 volume settings.  Uses 4 AAA batteries

60150    Servox digital Complete   with 8 AAA batteries, 2 battery holdcartridges, battery charger with
                                                            international adapters,  2 sound heads, 2 oral  adapters, and holster carrier

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Servox -Digital 
Two buttons and rocker dial provide versatile control of both pitch and volume. Programmable with internal switches. Uses a rechargeable 7.2V NiMH battery.

Discontinued   -   No Longer Available

60116 - Servox  - Digital  -
60115 - Servox  - Digital   Complete kit 

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Servox -Inton - The pitch on the buttons is set with a small screwdriver, which is included. The volume is controlled by a wheel that turns. The INTON will have the new charger with overcharge protection.

Discontinued   -   No Longer available

60131    Servox  Inton         instrument and safety cord only, no battery
60130    Servox  Inton  Complete kit    with charger, 2 rechargeable batteries,
                                                             safety cord, oral adapter, holster

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