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These switches can be used by people with limited, but controlled, motion capability to operate lights, bells, computers, communications boards, scaners, assistive devices, toys, therapy and testing equiptment.  All switches are rated at 2 Amps, 24 Volts.  All come with a flexible 40-inch cord plugged into the switch.  The other end of the cord is a 1/8 inch mini-phone plug.  Any length Cooper-Rand Speach Aid cord can be used for easy plug-in replacement.

Please call for availability.  Product is limited.

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Clamp-On Bump Switch -  Pinch clamp for bedrail, table edge, wheel chair frame, etc.  Up to 1-1/8 inch thick.  Switch pivots.

70001 - $55.00  Momentary bump switch stays on while pressure is applied.  Spring returns to Off when released.  Preferred for use with C-R artificial larynx, scanning devices, or any application needing instant on/off control.

70003 - $55.00  Pressure Switch  on 14" velcro strap. Can be worn on upper or lower arm, hand, knee, etc. May be wrapped around chair arm, table leg, or chair headrest- any place that allows pressure between two parts of the body or a body part and another firm object.

70004 - $55.00  Mercury tilt switch well encapsulated, on 14 inch velcro strap. Wear on ankle, foot, hand or arm.  Requires 5 to 10 degrees of rotation.


70006 - $55.00 Magnetic Finger Switch  magnet on a finger glove.  Switch can be adhered to table, chair arm or lap tray.  Small movement of magnet toward switch closes contact.  Touch not required.

25008 - $6.00 T-Connector (use with our switches or any 1/8 inch plugs)  This little device, extremely handy for anyone who works with switches, is a series connector with 1 male 1/8 inch plug and 2 female 1/8 inch jacks.  It provides a variety of switches and equipment in many therapy and everyday living situations.

Useful in motivational therapy!  For instance:  Plug it into the earphone jack of a radio.  Plug the earphone into one T-Connector jack and the a switch into the other.  The patient then must perform the switch ON function or maintain the switch ON position in order to hear the radio.  Or plug it into any device that has a switch jack.  Then plug switches, with 1/8 inch mini-plugs, into the T-Connector jacks.  This requires the patient to perform two functions or maintain two positions at the same time to operate a toy, light, tape player or other reinforcement signal.  And T-Connectors may be plugged into each other to provide more jacks in the same hook-up, so that 3 or 4 functions must be performed at the same time to operate the reinforcement device.

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